Nursery schools, Early years, Key stage one and two,gallery art clubs, gallery education, museums, care homes, hospitals, drop in sessions for events and festivals.
Children and adults with learning disabilities, people with visual impairment , people living with dementia, people with mental health problems. to book me for a workshop

Ticky has a hands on approach to workshops creating an accessible and inclusive environment.
Workshop sessions are researched and planned thoroughly.
Ticky is an experienced workshop facilitator and regularly runs tailor made sessions for a wide range of people and places.


Ticky was one of 16 artists working with Age Cymru to deliver cutting edge workshop sessions in residential care settings across Wales over two years. Ticky is one of 5 visual artists now exhibiting as part of Voices from the Edge  – Murmurations – at Craft in the Bay each artists own work in response to the experience of working in care homes.


Lady Lever

In the lead up to the opening of The Lady Lever Art Gallery’s newly refurbished wing Ticky ran monthy workshops with Little world Day nursery in Birkenhead.

We based the workshop sessions on a collection of portrait paintings from the Lady Lever Art Gallery and began each session by looking at the paintings on an I pad together and talking about them.

Each session focused on a different aspect of the paintings and activities were as varied as possible giving the children an opportunity to explore a wide range of materials and try different things out.

Lost in Art

Art workshops working with people with dementia and their partners and carers.


Mostyn Llandudno Immersive Spaces

Bethany is a uniue young person, she has severe autism.

Bethany’s mum and dad are also her full time carers and it was a wonderful opportunity to get to know Bethany and her unique personality and to find out what she likes and dislikes.
We experimented with different art forms, creating shadows, exploring play dough, drawing and painting to music and sound.
Working with Bethany and the benefit felt by her parents has led me to look at providing one to one multi sensory creative sessions in the gallery for other young people and adults with severe autism or profound and multiple learning disabilities. to book me for a workshop

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